Valentin Șchiopu

During his 12 years as a sports reporter, not a day went by when he wasn’t advised to spend time on “something serious”. The fairy godmothers had him ear-marked for a soccer career, but, in keeping with his physical constitution, he studied chess and philosophy. At 17 he won a contest at a local television station for offering the most profound definition of life. He received a gym membership in exchange, which he never used. He’s a long-time fan of the bands Timpuri Noi, Pulp, and Barcelona.

Saving the Cinema
You only need one person. Just one. One person who will say “no” when others demand that he renounce his faith and enroll in the substandard which claims “that’s just the way it is.” This kind of person will be, in most cases, so alone that he’ll begin to ask himself if his life is an illusion, an invention of some vengeful god. That’s not Victor Purice.
Better Dead Than Red
Gheorghe Pașca knew the mountains of Maramureș like the back of his hand. He was an accomplished hunter and adept at the art of camouflage. Using these skills he eluded and defied the Communist regime for eight years, between 1948 and 1956, as they sought his capture.