Roxana Garaiman

Roxana is 28 years old but she hasn’t forgotten an important childhood lesson; dreams can come true in more ways than one. Her dream is to write an article everyone will read. People would say to one another, “Have you read this article? It’s phenomenal! You have to read it.” That’s what her dream looks like. Until then, she wants to learn more about the world around her, find a magic formula to reach into people’s souls, and, of course, to be loved.

The Life of the Haholi
Oana Ivan, a 36-year-old anthropologist from the city of Cluj-Napoca, followed the Haholi in the village of St. Gheorghe, by the Danube Delta, for seven years. Her goal was to create a documentary about the lives of this ethnic minority (descendants of the Cossacks) that are almost unknown to the rest of the country.
Pursued by 21 Colonels
Ion Olteanu is determined to continue the investigation and bring justice to those who condemned, tortured, and forced him and his family to relocate to America. His story of resilience begins during the Ceausescu regime and continues on to this day.
The Children of the Hills
For most urban dwellers it’s difficult to imagine what life is like for the people in the remote corners of civilization in the Banat Mountains. As we accompanied a humanitarian convey we wanted to hear the children’s stories, the dreams of these kids who are forgotten, like thousands of others, in the villages between Romania’s hills and valleys.