Iulia Marin

Iulia has been covering politics since 2012. She’s chosen politics for a number of reason. Some have to do with the 2012 Obama vs. Romney debates, with 1984, the novel, and TV’s, The West Wing and, House of Cards. All the same, she’s convinced that Romania’s reality beats American TV shows. At the Adevarul newspaper she reported on the USL victory in 2012, Crin Antonescu’s departure from the National Liberal Party, the PSD turmoil under Victor Ponta, and the 2014 presidential elections. Someday, she’d like to write about Romania’s first woman president.

How to Buy a President
One of Romania’s richest men has debts of over 150 million euro on his gas bill. He can’t save his empire unless one of his cronies ends up running the Ministry in charge of the states large energy provider. His last chance: the presidential election. Will his candidate win?
A Game of Rogues
In 2015, the self-styled Paul of Romania, Dan Andronic (the owner of daily newspaper Evenimentul Zilei), and Remus Truică (ex-Chief of Staff to former Prime Minister Adrian Năstase) were all indicted by DNA prosecutors for swindling the Romanian citizens out of 135 million euros through illegal restitution of State land. PressOne investigated the claims and reconstructed this ‘game of rogues’. It started with state employees earning several hundred euros a month and went all the way to one of the richest men in the world - Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz.
A Romanian Tragedy
It is the most tragic event to have befallen Romania in the 21st century as 63 people have died and over 130 were gravely injured after a fire broke out at Colectiv club in Bucharest on October 30th during a performance by the band Goodbye to Gravity.
The Woman in the Blue Dress
A dark-haired woman in a blue dress and sandals is grabbed and carried through the air by two young men wearing miners' helmets and coveralls. All those around her are menacingly clutching their truncheons and cudgels. The woman wraps her tense fingers around her raffia bag. It looks as if an entire world is in danger. Nobody comes to her rescue.