Codruţa Simina

Codruta has 12 years’ experience in journalism, with experience at every level of the decision-making process; from the reporter in search of a story, to the editor who delivers it to the reader, from co-Editor-in-Chief to Editorial Consultant on public relations. She has written two tomes of poetry and won a ________ contest. She likes to joke about how life appears to take after the most outlandish fictional plots. But, she’s being serious.

The Road to a Stone House
Only eight homesteads are still occupied in Raicani. Neighbors see each other at Sunday mass, or when they need to borrow a bit of sugar, cooking oil, or whatever’s missing before the next trip down the hill. As for death, it’s in God’s hands – who is more present in the life of the villagers than any celebrity.
"Mom, how many more countries until we get home?"
"Make sure you don't portray me as some kind of inspiration, or anything like that. No. I'd like people to realize that, hey, it can be done. To open their eyes a little, to see that it is possible. We didn't meet any other families traveling in a rig like this along the way, but that doesn't mean we're the only ones; other people probably do it differently. As long as you teach your child to travel, whichever way you choose, I think it's a very very good thing."