The Stingiest Man on Earth
Twenty years ago, when he was nothing more than a timid teenager from small-town Romania, Cristian Cojiță met a man who changed his life, and perhaps not only his life. It's quite likely this man, without being aware of it, initiated a string of gratitude and inspired events for many other seemingly lost causes.
Saving the Cinema
You only need one person. Just one. One person who will say “no” when others demand that he renounce his faith and enroll in the substandard which claims “that’s just the way it is.” This kind of person will be, in most cases, so alone that he’ll begin to ask himself if his life is an illusion, an invention of some vengeful god. That’s not Victor Purice.
The Children of the Hills
For most urban dwellers it’s difficult to imagine what life is like for the people in the remote corners of civilization in the Banat Mountains. As we accompanied a humanitarian convey we wanted to hear the children’s stories, the dreams of these kids who are forgotten, like thousands of others, in the villages between Romania’s hills and valleys.